We’re in for another exciting weekend of football, and our D1 will step on the field first (see schedule below).


8:00AM D1 – Intermediate Tackle – vs. METRO TIGERS, Report 6:30am

9:45AM D2  – Elementary Tackle – vs. METRO TIGERS, Report 8:15am

11:45AM F1 – Flag – vs. METRO TIGERS, Report 10:45am

12:45PM F2 – Flag – vs. METRO TIGERS, Report 11:45am

Meal Assignments and Chain Gang Assignments will be given no later than Thursday, 9/18.  Those assigned to bring food/drinks will also be required to serve the players after the game and clean up.  Those assigned to chain gang must wear closed shoes, no slippers.  Keep in mind all coaches and team managers are volunteers giving freely of their time for your child.  Please reciprocate and do your part to support the team managers and coaches during the season.

Parking Notice: Please do not violate the parking rules.  HPD will monitor the main road  – Enterprise Street, so please kokua and do not park there except to load/unload heavy equipment.

Alcohol and Tobacco:  HSJPSA events are alcohol and tobacco free.  Please do not light up your cigarettes during the games, near the field or in the presence of the players.  You’ll need to smoke off property.

Taking Care of our Home Field:  This is our home field for the season, please help us keep the area neat and clean.  Pick up your rubbish and dispose of it properly in the trash bags and trash cans provided at the field.  Take your plastic bottles with you!

Medics:  We have two medics for the tackle teams.  Ziandra Benjamin is taking care of the D1 and Albert Carman is taking care of the D2.  We thank them for offering their services as they are both trained in more than just basic CPR and First Aid.



11:30AM – D2 Challenge Waipahu Saints

1:30PM – F1 and F2 – Challenge Central Razorbacks

D1 – BYE

Barber’s Point – Pointer Track and Field

91-1259 Saratoga Ave and corner of Enterprise in Kalaeloa.  Enter on Saratoga to get to the parking lot which is the same entrance as the bowling alley.

House Rules:

  1. No Parking on the street sides or in the bowling alley parking lot.  Parking is in the gravel lot only.
  2. All rubbish is placed in trash bins and plastic bags.
  3. Restrooms are kept neat and clean.
  4. No vehicles shall enter the field except Emergency Vehicles.
  5. Referee Parking is reserved on Belleau Woods Street (along the chain link fence).

Report Times will be announced on Friday by Head Coaches.






Monday’s practices are a now at Kapolei Community Park (Kamaaha Loop) in the Villages.

Wednesday’s and Friday’s practices are still at Kapolei Regional Park.

Tuesdays and/or Thursdays practices will be scheduled as needed and players will be informed at the practice field the night before. The location for these practices remains at Kapolei Regional Park.

All practices are mandatory and unexcused absences will result in reduced playing time per the Player Code of Conduct and/or Coaches Procedures.

This Week’s Practice Schedule

Tackle Teams: Practice at our regular field Tuesday, 9/2 thru Friday, 9/5 from 4:30-6:30pm

Flag Teams: Practice at our regular field Wednesday, 9/3 and Friday, 9/5 only from 4:30-6:30pm.

Stay tuned for our scrimmage schedule this Saturday, 9/6 at Kapolei Community Park.


Reminder for today’s scrimmage:

WARMUPS: Report 12pm

START: All Games Begin at 1pm (Both Flag Teams, D2 Tackle and D1 Tackle)

LOCATION: Kaala Neighborhood Park in Wahiawa.  Turn left on California Avenue.  Turn right by Kaala Elementary School.  The park is next to the school.


We have moved our scrimmage location and time in order to accommodate our families that will be attending the Kapolei High School games and the UH Game.

NOTE:  All Teams please report to Wahiawa for a scrimmage with Schofield Patriots.


Kaala Neighborhood Park

126 California Ave
Wahiawa Hawaii 96786

Saturday, 8/30

12noon – Report for Warmups

1:00pm – D2 and Flag Scrimmage

2:00pm – D1 Scrimmage

You may bring tents and chairs to the field.  Please make sure your player is well hydrated, rested and has had a nutritious meal before the game.  OPTIONAL:  You may bring snacks to share with the keiki afterwards. Please coordinate with your team managers!  

Thank you to Coach Matt, President of Schofield Patriots for accommodating our team!