Semi Finals, Saturday, 11/22

D2 – Elementary Tackle kick off at 9:45am

D1 – Intermediate tackle kick off at 11:30am

Location: Waimanalo Beach Park

Both teams will potluck.  The potluck is for players, coaches, staff and and all family members.

Thank you for your patience with the scheduling process.  If you have any questions please call Coach Ray at 275-6134.

Aloha Guys!

Here are the House Rules when attending the McKinley HS campus and field. Please distribute to your coaches and parents


Enter the campus from Pensacola Street.
Parking will be permitted in the parking lot to the right as you enter from Pensacola Street. Parking is not permitted anywhere else but the parking lot. (Parking by the tennis courts is reserved for the Tennis tournament that will be happening)
Inform the attendant in the parking lot if you have a physically challenged person to drop off. After the drop-off then you will park in the parking lot.
Bathrooms are located at the Gym.
The Snack Bar will be located on the side of the Gym.
The School’s campus is off-limits. Please remain by the field & gym area while at McKinley HS.
Please keep the field, gym, and parking lot areas clean by disposing your rubbish into the garbage bins located around the area.
Only Coaches & players w/ID’s and authorized staff are allowed inside the fenced area of the field.
Spectators may sit on the bleachers or pitch their pop-up tents around the field.
No consumption of alcohol permitted at the school property.
No smoking of convential or E cigarettes at the school property.
No use of contrabans on the school property.
Home Team (Metro Tigers) Will Occupy the sideline on the GYM Side

Please ensure your organization and supporters comply with the above house rules. We are grateful for the use of McKinley HS facilities and do no want to jeopardize any future use of the facilities. We kindly ask that the attending Organizations assist the Tigers with maintaining the school’s property.

Coach Nate,
Metro Tigers

Week 9 Games at Barber’s Point – 11/8/14

Homecoming for KapCity Hurricanes, November 8!


Saturday, is our last home game before playoffs.  Parents, family and friends are invited to show their team spirit by:

  • Making posters and banners for your child and the team.
  • Bringing balloons, horns, pompoms and dress up in our team colors.
  • Bringing candy leis and/or goodie bags for team members.
  • Decorate tents, tables and chairs.
  • Players may wear different colored socks provided they are in our team colors of black, white or teal (or pink).
  • We will make a tunnel for our kids after each game.

PROHIBITED ITEMS:  graffiti, confetti, streamers, ripped papers and spray paint.

CLEAN-UP:  Each family must bring their own plastic trash bags to dispose of all rubbish.  Unfortunately, there are not enough trash bins at the park to accommodate our organization.  Your kokua is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: We will reconfirm if our professional camera man can be present for that day to film. He will have 3 cameras set up to shoot the days games and activities, and produce a highlight video for our kids.  He will be there all day to film all 4 teams.  To help off set our costs for this video we are asking each player to pay $5. We would like to collect this payment by Friday.


11:30am –  D1 – Intermediate Tackle vs. Schofield Patriots

1:15pm – D2 – Elementary Tackle vs. Schofield Patriots

3:15pm  – Flag 1 and Flag 2 vs. Ko’olau Spartans Flag Teams

4:15pm – Flag 2 vs. Schofield Patriots (2nd game of the day for the little ones!!)  Please stay to support them.

Don’t know if we’ll have time for our parents’ vs. players’ games.  We’ll play it by ear….


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